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Zigma is designed to assist organizations and companies to build and sustain a process improvement culture.

Organizations today face a unique challenge of managing productivity versus quality. The emphasis is on balancing operational efficiency without having to compromise on standards. Zigma is designed to assist in organizations and companies to build and sustain a process improvement culture.


Zigma brings together concepts of Lean Methodology to IDENTIFY – ELIMINATE – MAXIMIZE your processes.


ZIGMA supports all the phases of Lean starting from

  • Project Selection

  • Approvals Workflow

  • Defining Charter Elements

  • A3 Definition

  • Management of Value Stream Maps

  • Sustainability and Replication

  • Kaizen

Web based Interface is easy to use and allows complete accessibility to users across the organization

Real time Dashboard gives the management valuable insights on projects to make informed decisions

360 Reporting enhances visibility by making sure critical data is at your

finger tips

Zigma Software

Value Stream Mapping


Value Stream Maps form the heart of the LEAN Methodology.

VSM is a planning tool to optimize processes and results through elimination of waste.

VSMs go through the DESIGN - BUILD - SUSTAIN phases allowing value creation, and is especially helpful when working to reduce cycle time, allowing you to gain insight into the decision making flow in addition to the process flow.


Process Definition

Zigma enables you to track your projects, capturing all the key charter elements including cost analysis

Value Stream Mapping

Zigma allows to create, modify and manage your VSM process with ease, providing all stakeholders a consolidated platform to perform Value Stream Mapping

Sustainability & Replication

Zigma ensures that a successful project is sustained in your environment via feasibility checks


Create Kaizens directly from ongoing projects without having to go through replicating process, saving invaluable time and man power

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