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Become a leader in EHS Domain by incorporating Predictive Intelligence Platforms  

MACS-G Solutions is one of the key global players offering the most innovative EHS management solutions. We are committed to building future ready EHS software solutions & services that address the challenges of this industry. Led by veterans and technologist, our unique management team is a blend of knowledge, experience and ingenious innovation.


MACS-G Solutions was founded to create industry specific HSE management services that go beyond complicated, expensive installations. We have designed our EHS Platform                  keeping in mind the industry's compliance requirements and ensuring that all stake-holders are provided with an easy to use, anywhere, anytime access incident reporting system & an analytics platform.

Aegis, EHS Management Software


Our Mission is to Embed EHS as a Culture within the fabric of all the organizations we touch 

Products & Services:

Our HSE Management solutions to build Safer Organizations for all of us:

Aegis - EHS Management Software

Our Aegis Platform helps you in achieving your HSE objectives, and making sure it is in SYNC with your organizations Operational Targets

Zigma - Lean Methodology

Zigma brings together concepts of Lean Methodology to IDENTIFY – ELIMINATE – MAXIMIZE your processes.

MACS-G is committed to work with our customers as ‘Operational Excellence’
focused partner adding quality and value via our services

MACS-G offers specialist consulting services to companies in Oil field operational services, Asset Integrity projects, QHSE Best practices, etc. 

Meet the team that is continuously working to build new and improved solution HSE management solutions

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